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DJ Bluesilver

When I was 16 years old, I started DJing as a hobby.  I would go to various friends to practice, and sometimes our friends would take turns as the DJ at basement parties. I purchased my own turntables and started to practice as a DJ with vinyl records at home. 


When I went to College I was a Theater/Acting Major and then I switched to  TV/Radio. I became a College Radio DJ/On Air Personality for over two years. I ran the soundboard and mixed the music for two different shows. In addition I was the radio station audio production director.


When I finished college, I worked in TV as a production assistant.  I operated audio, video camera, lighting, and graphics. At one point in my career I was an Associate Producer for a PBS nationally televised documentary called "Heaven Touches Brooklyn In July".

After some time of not DJing, I started DJing again as a hobby. In late 2016 I decided to go from a hobby DJ to a paid mobile DJ side business. This was after I was the DJ/MC for my nieces party. This is where DJ Bluesilver - BluesilverAudio was born.


I eventually changed my career from TV Production and Audio Visual freelancer to Corporate Audio Visual, and I was doing that full Time for 23+ years. I made another career change in August 2020 during Covid-19, and now I am a full-Time Webcast and Podcast Producer.

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